5 Individuals You Should Add to Your Gift List

5 Individuals You Should Add to Your Gift List

I'll bet you already have teachers, your mail carrier and your neighbors on your gift list.  Here are five individuals that you might not have thought about, but who deserve our support, especially during the holidays.

  • Volunteers: Volunteers who dedicate their time to charitable organizations, shelters, and community events play a crucial role in making the holidays better for those in need.
  • Military families: While we acknowledge military personnel, their families often face challenges during deployments and separations, making it important to recognize and support them.
  • Home caregivers: People who provide in-home care for the elderly, disabled, or sick individuals work diligently to ensure their well-being during the holiday season.
  • Foster families and children: Many children spend the holidays in foster care, and foster families work to create a welcoming and loving environment for them.
  • Animal shelter workers: These individuals care for and support animals in need, and many animals are abandoned or in need of shelter during the winter months.

There are so many people who touch our lives on a daily basis that could use a little encouragement or pick-me-up at this busy time of year.  A gift doesn't need to be big to make a lasting impression.

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