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Gratitude Kit

A spirit of gratitude changes everything in your life. Your heart feels lighter, your attitude brightens and your relationships grow stronger. Share your grateful heart with this kit that includes one thank you note to send each week, tips on writing a meaningful letter, and a journal to keep track of your thoughts. Welcome the benefits of gratitude into your life, pass them along to others, and watch goodness grow! Journal: 5.75"H x 4.375"W, 80 pages Cards: 5.375"H x 4.25"W (folded), 52 cards with designed envelopes This gift is wrapped with a gorgeous bow and shipped with your personal message.
Availability: In stock, ships same business day if order is received by 1 pm. For legal reasons, gifts with alcohol must ship Fedex (2-5 days). Please contact us for shipping questions.
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